Membership Registration Instructions – Clubs

Member Club Registration and Renewals require a few extra steps when it is your first time but will afford several benefits. 

  1. NEW Club Profile – clubs will have an opportunity to have a detailed profile on the website. The amount of information you add is optional. Please see the following link for a sample of club profiles on the website.
  2. NEW Online Advertising – the AJJA is actively involved in online advertising and was the recipient of a Google Adwords grant. Our membership director will be in contact with you about promoting your school profile on the AJJA website with online promotions in your geographic region.
  3. Easy yearly renewals – Your yearly club membership renewals are a snap. You will receive a notice when your year is almost up where you can quickly log in and renew your membership online. You can also log in with teh same profile you use for your personal registration.
  4. We will have your details digitized – this means the 3 steps below will only need to be done once if your information does not change.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a tutorial video on the following steps. If you need help (or prefer to do things the old-fashioned snail-mail way) feel free to connect with us at

STEP 1: Contact the AJJA (New Member Clubs)

We would like to get to know about you and your club. Before completing your profile online, please connect with us at
Returning members – skip to Step 2!

STEP 2: Register Your Club (Form Below)

Use the form below to register or renew your club registration. 
Upon completion of registration and payment a website profile will be created for your club. Login details will be sent to you so you can update and edit your profile at any time. Club renewal reminder will be sent to the registrant contact email for easy renewal payments.

Accessing Your Profile Post Registration
Click the “login” link in the footer of the website and you will be brought to a page with the profiles you manage. Select “member clubs” or “active members” to see your profile(s) and club listing complete with expiry date, invoice history, and the ability to add new member or club listings. Click through on a profile and you will see the option to “edit” the profile from the sidebar.

Need a Hand? Here are a few video tutorials…

Accessing and Editing Your Profiles

AJJA - Club Registration & Renewal

  • Note: Club Membership Payment Upon Completion

    Upon completion of this form you will be required to make payment through the payment gateway Payapal. You do not need a Paypal account to make payment.
    Club fees are based on calendar year Jan.1 to Dec 31. Renewals are required at the beginning of each calendar year.
  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • Drop files here or
  • Paste Embed code or link to video from Youtube/vimeo
  • Description for use on profile page.