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  • Ketto Ryu Jujutsu – PMG

    Panther Management Group, instructing Ketto Ryu Jujutsu and self defense in Edmonton Alberta since 1998. A mix of strikes, throws, locks, movement and controls, Jujutsu is a martial arts system for both beginner and advanced students, kids and adults.  Whether you are specifically looking for training in Japanese Jujutsu, or interested Read more [...]


    Shapeshifter Krav Maga

    We offer Krav Maga based personal protection to both Law Enforcement and Civilians. Our classes are both physical and mentally taxing but any fitness level or age can be accommodated. Due to the several RCMP members that train regularly we are very selective who we allow into the Shapeshifter family. Read more [...]

  • CTSS & Ketto Ryu Combat Ju-Jutsu

    Taught a Predator Mindset How to win a confrontation whether it be by using verbal or physical tactics. Winning hostile confrontations by attacking first and knowing how to initial Control Tactics Survival Skills. Combat Fitness Skills Real world confrontations are typically high intensity and low duration events. Combat Fitness trains Read more [...]


    Inukshuk Bushido Kai

    We encourage all prospective students to visit us and try a free class to see if our club is right for you. Our dojo welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. If you’ve ever wanted to try authentic Japanese Jujitsu, here is your chance! Adult and youth classes available. Read more [...]