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  • Ketto Ryu Jujutsu – PMG

    Panther Management Group, instructing Ketto Ryu Jujutsu and self defense in Edmonton Alberta since 1998. A mix of strikes, throws, locks, movement and controls, Jujutsu is a martial arts system for both beginner and advanced students, kids and adults.  Whether you are specifically looking for training in Japanese Jujutsu, or interested Read more [...]


    Goshinkan Jujitsu Okotoks

    We teach original and modern Goshinkan-Ryu Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Goshinkan Ju-Jitsu is the only Provincially, Nationally, and Internationally recognized style of Ju-Jitsu in Canada. Our Okotoks Dojo is 2100 sq/ft with a Ju Jitsu Pro Shop, washrooms; two change rooms. Our training floor is 1600 + sq/ft with 2 inch thick Swain style mats made by Dollamur on Read more [...]