17 Jan 2015

Camp of Combat Arts 2014

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2014 marked the 13th Camp of Combat Arts hosted by the Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Association.

Sensei Don Neisman, Sandan Busan-Ryu Ju Jitsu put on a display of blazing hand strikes that most twenty year-old’s would dream of.

Sensei Shane Turgoen Nidan Inukshuk Bushido Kai Ju Jitsu taught some modern day defense using an attackers hoodie against them, it was amazing to see how far Inukshuk has come.

Sensei Ray Martin, Godan Shindo-Ryu Ju Jitsu and Judo, as always Sensei Ray put on a great ground play and Judo game. Sensei Martin was awarded Godan and the title of Renshi at the Camp.

Guro / Kru Joel Huncar taught some fast paced Balintawak drills that blow your mind over and over.

Guest instructor Guro Sony Padilla taught the intricacies of Ilustrisimo, long time friend of Shihan K.D. Lintott was a great addition to the camp.

Last but not least was Shihan Kevin D. Lintott, Rukodan Goshinkan Ju Jitsu, Godan Can-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and Shodan Jishin-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu taught some fast paced combination moves that kept even the skilled black belts working hard.

Over all this was an amazing camp with some great awards and honors handed out. We were able to see many of Goshinkan Ju Jitsu’s black belts re-united for a special presentation to Shihan Lintott for starting our great association over twelve years ago.

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