Black Belt College

Alberta Provincial Institute of Ju Jitsu Black Belts is a program to license Ju Jitsu (Jiu-Jitsu) Instructors in Alberta. The AJJA helps instructor’s become better teachers through the AJJA Black Belt College. There are several programs instructors can take to become a licensed instructor.

The program is divided into three levels. There is a practical portion where the instructor must learn the topics from taking a instructor’s course assisted with written materials and DVD’s in some cases. Then the instructor must put on a seminar teaching the topic and submit a DVD of themselves instructing the topic for review. Lastly they complete a written exam for each topic ( 16 Topics in total see below). Level one is usually done to assist in evaluation of the Shodan grade and Level 2 with the Nidan grade and lastly level 3 with the Sandan Grade. However all levels can be challenged by any Instructor with written permission from the board of AJJA Directors. Each case will be reviewed by the Board.

Level 1
Police Pressure Point System
Persuader Key Holder System
High Stress Sparing Drills
Simple Hold Escapes System
Basic Self-Defense System

Level 2
Joint Locking System
Practical Take-downs & Throws System
Neck Restraints
Defense on the Ground
Defense against a Club

Level 3
Primary Anatomy
Jaw Manipulation
Defense against a knife
Defense against a hand gun
Escort & Holding Tactics
Advanced PPCT & Persuader System

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