03 Jan 2017

Panther Management Group, instructing jujutsu and self-defense in Edmonton Alberta since 1998. Chief instructor Trevor Tessier is a 6th Degree Black Belt.
Trevor has a large background in fitness and athletics. An avid martial artist, Trevor tries to get into a little bit of everything as he can’t sit still and tries to find more hours in the day then are available. Please welcome Trevor back to the AJJA, he has always been a great friend and supporter of Japanese Ju Jitsu in western Canada.

Starting Ketto Ryu Ju Jutsu in 1986 at the age of 8, under Renshi Pierre Lautischer, he achieved his apprenticeship Black Belt in 1992, He became involved with other fitness and athletic programs and continued in other martial arts training before returning to his true martial arts love of Ju Jutsu (achieving 5th degree black in 2010). Trevor opened his first self defence classes in 1998, which followed in the formation of Panther Management Group with his partner in crime Dana, and soon after included the fitness expertise of his sister Marie. Trevor has also received some formal training in Judo, Kyudo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Kickboxing as well as other forms and disciplines under the guidance and support of many great instructors and friends.

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