19 Jan 2015

Winter 2015 Technical – Edmonton

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We are planning to have a Winter Technical at our Edmonton Inukshuk Bushido Kai Dojo near the end of February on a Sunday. We are inquiring from our members which Sunday and what times would be best ? Please let us know here by contacting the AJJA President Kevin D. Lintott at ajitsua@telus.net or by phoning 403-342-1771. The plan would be to have a representative from various AJJA Dojo’s teach an adults session lasting 45 minutes. If there is enough interest we would like to host a provincial grappling tournament for all AJJA kids.

We will need to find donations for T-shirts for the event; medals for the kids and certificates. We generally will get donations from several grocery stores in the form of gift cards to help cover the cost of a meal for everyone.

If you feel you could assist us in any of these quests please let us know as soon as possible.

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