21 Feb 2015

Winter Technical in Edmonton


Inukshuk Bushido Kai JuJitsu hosted the winter technical in Edmonton today, it was a really great seminar. Sensei A. Lintott will be posting a write up on the 7 instructors who attended and taught some high end jujitsu. These seminars are worth hundreds of dollars and only cost a measly $25, that’s less than $5 for some of the best Canadian JuJitsu instruction around.

We made some new friends and hope they will become members of our growing organization.

Want to know more about a AJJA technical seminar check out the section on technical seminars. These are a great fund raiser for the hosting Dojo as well.

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2 Responses to Winter Technical in Edmonton
  1. This was the best seminar I have ever been to! An amazing amount of technique was taught. The variety of techniques was impressive and the dojo was spotless and well appointed.
    However; what impressed me the most was the positive atmosphere and friendly exchange of skills. This, in my opinion is the heart of what martial arts should be. I am already looking forward to the next event. Domo Arigato!

    Sensei Joseph Lindal

  2. What a fantastic Seminar today at the Inukshuk Bushido Kai Dojo!

    Sensei Rod taught the first session of the Winter Semester JuJitsu Seminar. He touched on the use of elbows and breaking balance. Sensei Rod showed how manipulating your opponents balance can lead into numerous points of advantage.

    Sensei April taught the second session and demonstrated the use of multiple techniques to add flow and change to combinations. Thinking outside of the box and straining your JuJitsu brain can reinforce your belief in yourself and your skill set. Sensei April showed arm bar and punch block series into a modified circle throw to an arm bar series. The art of JuJitsu comes from “play”. It was amazing to see the skill set from the practitioners that participated!

    Sensei Joe taught some great ground work and manipulation into arm bars. He taught some fun and interesting standing to ground techniques into chokes – everything was off of the x-guard. He taught a scissor and arm bar off a roll from guard with the choke ending the technique.

    Sensei Melvin taught throws with different grips and ways to break balance. Everything is about hips and ears in JuJitsu. Sensei Melvin taught a great throw that was very easy but effective just from taking out the one leg either from front or back. Again breaking balance and hips are key to everything in JuJitsu from wrist locks to throws.

    Sensei Jide and Senpei Jesse taught locks and take downs off a hook punch. Off a punch there are numerous options but nothing quite so much fun as putting an opponent into an arm bar and then clothes lining them! Other key points were an arm bar into a figure four and doing your follow threw after your throw. Again breaking balance, hips, ears and parring are all the main factors that are a foundation that JuJitsu is built on.

    The Winter Session Seminar was a huge success and the Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Association thanks all that participated and attended. Thank you to all the Sensei(s) for adding ingredients to flavor our JuJitsu lives! Thank you for supporting all those that are involved in our wonderful organization.

    We look forward to the next Seminar that will be taking place in the near future – we are planning for April with a tournament included!

    April Lintott, Sensei
    Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu
    Red Deer, Alberta


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